Setup the spreadsheet so the Game Data Editor will recognize where things are in the spreadsheet. Skip to the example spreadsheet.

  • Sheet Name: Schema Name
  • Field Name Row: Designate by setting the first cell in the row to GDE_FIELD_NAMES
  • Field Type Row: Designate by setting the first cell in the row to GDE_FIELD_TYPES
  • Column 1: Item ID

Current field types supported:

  • int
  • float
  • string
  • bool
  • vector2
  • vector3
  • vector4
  • color
  • GameObject
  • Texture2D
  • Material
  • AudioClip
  • Custom Types (Enter the name of the custom type ex. Weapon. Custom Type names are Case Sensitive)
  • Lists (Prepend "list_" to indicate a list type. I.e. list_string, list_float, etc.)
  • 2D Lists (Prepend "list2d_" to indicate a 2D list type. I.e. list2d_string, list2d_float, etc.)

Note: 2D List Format for each type is a Json formatted string. Please don’t attempt to edit 2D list types by hand. Use the GDE editors.

Type Formats

Type Single Format List Format
int 1 1,2,3
float 1.0 1.1,2.2,3.3
bool 0 or true 0,1,false,true
string Single string value "list", "string values", "need", "double quotes"
vector2 1.5,700 (0,0),(2.8,5),(10.1,100.3)
vector3 1,2,3 (0,0,1),(2.8,5,34),(10.1,100.3,90)
vector4 1,2,3,4 (0,0,1,2),(2.8,5,34,56),(10.1,100.3,90,91)
color 0,255,30,1 (0,0,150,1),(2.8,5,34,1),(10.1,100.3,90,0.5)
GameObject, Texture2D, Material, AudioClip path/to/asset_without_an_extension "paths","delimited","by_commas_and_quoted"
Custom my_custom_id "my_custom_id1","my_custom_id2","my_custom_id3"

Skipping Rows or Columns

To ignore rows, set the first cell in the row to GDE_IGNORE.
To ignore columns, set the first cell in the column to GDE_IGNORE.

Weapon Example

Here’s a sample spreadsheet. The sheet name is Weapon.

The is how the data will look in the Define Data tab and Create Data tab in Unity once imported.