Setting Basic Fields

Use these GDESet Actions to save data on an Item.

GDESet Bool
GDESet Color
GDESet Float
GDESet Int
GDESet String
GDESet Vector2
GDESet Vector3
GDESet Custom

For example, if the Arrok Character data looked like this:

And the LeatherTunic data (That the Arrok Character has set for the "chest" field) looked like this:

Modify the character’s name, use GDESet Action like this:

Setting Custom Fields

Use these GDESet Custom Actions to save data on a Custom GDE Data Type.

GDESet Custom
GDESet Custom Bool
GDESet Custom Color
GDESet Custom Float
GDESet Custom Int
GDESet Custom String
GDESet Custom Vector2
GDESet Custom Vector3

To modify Arrok’s Armor chest item, use a GDE Set Custom Int action like this:

To change the custom chest item on Arrok, use a GDE Set Custom action. The Custom Value is the ID of the item you want to set the custom field to.

Saving data to persistent data store

Please note GDE no longer uses PlayerPrefs to persist modified data. To persist your data, call the new Save All action when it is convenient in your game. Be sure to save as often as you need. Web builds still use PlayerPrefs (Save All and Reset All actions have no effect).