To initialize GDE with Playmaker, use the GDEManager Init action. If you have multiple FSMs that will access GDE data, you should be sure GDE is initialized before reading. To do this, use a global event to signal other FSMs when GDE has initialized.

  1. Init GDE in one of your FSMs:

    If you encrypted your data with GDE, be sure to check the Encrypted checkbox. Also, add _enc to the end of your file name. If your data file name is “gde_data.txt”, initialize with “gde_data_enc” as the file name.

  2. When GDE Initialization is done, broadcast a global event called GDEInitialized:

  3. Any FSMs that use GDE should have its first state be a Listener with a single Transition for the global event created above. GDEInitialized.