GDE Data Classes give you fast access to your game data. The data classes are generated based on your schemas, so make sure you define your schemas before generating your data classes. If you update your schemas, make sure to regenerate your data classes.

To generate all the GDE Data Classes use the Window→Game Data Editor→Generate Custom Extensions menu action.

Your data classes will appear in GameDataEditor/CustomExtensions. GDE Data Classes are named based on schema name. For example a schema named "Weapon" will generate "GDEWeaponData" class. A schema named "Level" will generate "GDELevelData" class, and so on.

Each schema will generate a corresponding GDE Data Class. These classes will contain:

  • Properties to get/set each field in the schema
  • Methods for saving list fields
  • Methods for resetting fields
  • Methods for cloning items

Note: An Item keys class and a Schema keys class will also be generated. These will contain the string IDs of each GDE item and GDE Schema names. Use these classes to avoid hard coded strings in your scripts.